My name is Jenn, aka Sugarmonkey. My love of baking surfaced in January 2010 (I was baking handicapped up to this point). I wanted to take a class on how to make petit fours but the prerequisite was Wilton Course 1. So, I enrolled in Course 1 and next thing I know and several months later, I have completed all of the Wilton courses and several other classes from candy making to petit fours.  I love all things with sugar and luckily my husband has a huge sweet tooth, or sugar monster as I call it and supports me in my sugary endeavors. I hope to open a bakery/sweet shop in the future.

I consider baking as a means of artistic expression and I enjoy the fact that I don’t feel as guilty spending money on my edible art than I would on photography equipment, scrapbooking or some other craft.

Why Sugarmonkey?

Trying to come up with a name was very frustrating for me. It took months of trying different names out on friends/family and co-workers and one night while sitting on the couch it just came to me - Sugarmonkey Sweets. It doesn’t hurt that it compliments my husband, who is known as Paintmonkey – artist who sales commission work.

What is a sugar monster?

This is a term that I call my husbands insatiable desire for sweets. He doesn’t have a sweet tooth he has a sweet monster. His desire for something sweet after every meal, as a snack or as a substitution of a meal is overpowering. I think his sugar monster played a part in my desire to bake.

To be continued….
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